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Casino review of Luckyniki  – Japanese online casino guide 

What is an online casino in the first place? Normally, players or gamblers go abroad (Las Vegas or Macau) where the casino is located and play for money. Unlike round casinos, online casinos do not need to move overseas. You can play at your favorite place and at your favorite time. You don’t have to take a break from work. You also don’t have to worry or waste energy to play your favorite games. You can choose the casino you want to play, enjoy different gaming environments offered by different online casinos, or switch from one casino to another.

Online casinos are often used instead of being unable to go to land casinos, but in fact, even beginners can easily get started, so they are already popular overseas and are said to be growing rapidly in Japan.

Status of online casinos in Japan

Now, when playing at an online casino, the first thing to keep in mind is about credit card payments. It doesn’t become a bottleneck overseas, but in Japan you need to be a little careful. However, as the demand for online casinos has increased recently, most sites are available. We recommend that you check it once before you start. In addition, Japanese online casino services are currently introducing electronic payment services such as Venus Point, Bitcoin, EcoPayz, and iWallet, as well as virtual transit payment methods.

One of them is Luckyniki.

In fact, Luckyniki is an anime online casino that originated in Europe. It is an online casino site that is especially popular with those who do not like the glittering scenery of casino = Las Vegas, those who are tired of casinos, and of course Japanese players. Luckyniki bonus offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods. This casino is very safe as it is Malta certified.

The bonuses offered:

Signup & deposit bonus: You have the chance to earn up to $ 999 or a 1998 Super Soin. And not only that, there are 250 packages of free spins for 7 days, counting from the date the first deposit was made. Until the third deposit you have the opportunity to earn up to $ 333 for each deposit. This opportunity exists in every game provided by Luckyniki.

Super spin bonus:

Broadly speaking, for every $ 1 you have, you stand a chance to earn 2 super spins on the popular slots. In some games the value of the spins can be as high as 60 cents and you can get up to 666 super spins with just one deposit!

There are other bonuses with different requirements. Want more information? Click this Luckyniki bonus review!

The campaign:

Luckyniki started 3 years ago with a beautiful girl as a symbol. You can see various videos about Niki, the girl, on the official website. The videos also include an explanation of what bonuses are offered. Luckyniki is fully compatible with a variety of operating systems; iOS, Android, and Windows. This casino is targeting the Japanese market, therefore it is designed to cater to Japanese tastes.

Other popular online Japan casinos:

The Japanese online casino industry has grown enormously in recent years. Here are other popular Japanese online casinos:

– Vera John Casino

This online casino is highly recommended for beginners who have never played online gambling before.

– Empire 777

If you want to enjoy real casino realism then Empire 777 is the best place for you. There is an attractive bonus offered, which is a rebate bonus that is able to return a portion of the bet amount that you have deposited.

– Casino Secret

These casinos offer what is called a “cash back system”. So if you lose, you can get some of the money you have deposited.

– Kaji Journey

This is an online casino type RPG and specializes in slot games. There are many features offered, one of which is “Flash Mode” which allows slot games to be played at 6x the speed normally.

The Japanese online casino industry is constantly expanding, offering thousands of opportunities for every player. Are you ready to try your luck there?

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