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Few Things to Know About Teaser in Sports Betting

Another sports bet, quite similar to the placing of parlay bet is known as a teaser. Both these wagers can be made by choosing 2 or more events. Like in a traditional parlay, here each event chosen for a teaser has to win for winning the bet.

In UFA all multi-event wagers are capable of larger wins however teasers do not pay as much like a parlay. The only attraction to teasers perhaps is that they are easier to win.

Basically, the main item which distinguishes a teaser from any traditional parlay – a bettor can change point spreads and also over/under totals between four and ten points based on the teaser and sport. Changing your point spread and also point total will make the wagers appear to be much easier to win.

To win multiple bets, in the point spread will never be easy. However, with adjusted lines, it should help bettors to find a little confidence in their betting. The payout obtained from the sportsbook in the case of the teaser is lower as compared to parlay since all these are easier to win.

In a teaser, for example, you can move your spread 6 points for 2 different bets in the parlay. In case the Giants have a +7 points underdog, then they will be now at +13. In the case of the Saints, there are at -3 point favourite, then they will be now at +3 point underdog.

However, the payout can be less in the teaser as you are moving the points favouring you. In case you parlayed those 2 teams without any extra 6 points, your odds would be much closer to +260, however, in the case of a teaser, they will drop to about -110.

The teaser is a popular way to add many plays in the teaser bet for getting those odds back-up to get a bigger payout. In case you have put 5 teams into a 6-point teaser instead of 2 teams, then the odds will jump to almost +520.

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